Crate Cartel are dropping a new release on June 18th via the Obese Distribution line, this time in the form of a Geko production album titled¬†Crate Cartel Radio. Laced with arguably the countries best selection of MC’s and beats from Geko, Crate Cartel Radio is going to be another fine mark on 2010 from Melbourne.

Stepping up to the plate are Crate Cartel label mates Raven & Fluent Form alongside Luke Mac, Fatty Phew, Bias B, Bigfoot, Jakebizz, Aetcix and Maundz. Judging on previous Crate Cartel productions and the previous work of most of the MC’s on this, it’s a pretty safe bet you’re not going to waste your money, so go get your pre-order on now.

Geko - Crate Cartel Radio

Geko - Crate Cartel Radio


  1. Maundz – Drama
  2. Fluent Form, Raven & Geko – Detonate
  3. Bigfoot, Jakebizz & Fluent Form – Victory
  4. Bias B, Fluent Form & Geko – Waiting
  5. Fatty Phew & Luke Mac – Insomnia
  6. Raven – The Beast
  7. Fluent Form, Raven & Geko – Not Going Out
  8. Interval
  9. Ciecmate – Are You With Me
  10. Fluent Form & Geko – Frontline
  11. Kings Konekted – Sniper Soliloquies
  12. Aetcix & Geko – Still Hungry
  13. Fluent Form & Geko – Memories

This here is a contender for OHH album artwork of the year, simple but effective. ¬†You can also check out the lead video for the album right here, it’s titled Memories and features Fluent Form.