Under the newly established Born Fresh Records, Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher and Tommy Illfigga) have just released their consistently hot debut release It’s About That Time.

The album which is completely produced by The Crate Creeps features a diverse range of MC’s, who are not all bound within Australian shores.  Lining up alongside The Crate Creeps are Mantra, Kings Konekted, Suffa of Hilltop Hoods, Trials of The Funkoars, Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Rhyme Asylum and many more.

Crate Creeps - It's About That Time

Crate Creeps – It’s About That Time


  1. Introduction ft. Suffa Mc (Hilltop Hoods)
  2. Time Trials ft. Trials (The Funkoars)
  3. Walk on By ft. Pure Product
  4. Jeans, Tee’s and Sneakers Rap ft. Eloquence and Truths
  5. Save Your Breath ft. Mantra, DJ Adfu, Tommy Illfigga
  6. Divine Right of Kings ft. Rhyme Asylum
  7. As the Clock Ticks ft. Mata & Must
  8. Loop The Tape Up ft. The Optimen
  9. Where Do I Begin ft. Tommy Illfigga
  10. Terrorist Medley ft. Kings Konekted & Rezadent
  11. Still Gettin Mine ft. Verbal Kent (Chicago)
  12. Make The Cut ft. Terntable Jediz
  13. Make Mine ft. Thundamentals
  14. Its About That Time ft. Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Clinic & Proclaim
  15. Brain Is On Vexed ft. Pie Emc3e
  16. The Bad Men ft. Robby Balboa & Haunts (Choose Mics)
  17. Move Hesitant ft. Adverse (A Dying Breed)
  18. Ill-Legit ft. Ill-legitimate Crew
  19. Writers ft. Yuin Huzami (The Coalition Crew) & Rainman

You can grab this now from all your JB Hifi’s if they haven’t already sold out, if they have you can order it online from WaterFront Records, because it’s still not available on iTunes.  If you’d like some more info on the Crate Creeps, checkout this interview over at Certified Scribe or stay tuned over the next few days.  You can also get more of an insight into Born Fresh over at All Aussie Hip Hop.

To sum this album up quickly and shortly, there’s not a track on here I wouldn’t play you to try and sell it to you, that says a lot in todays music market.