Every now and then labels or the companies promoting their product companies send me copies of stuff to enjoy and review, it’s a great side effect of running this website and doing the show on Goonbag Radio.  Unfortunately a lot of the time I’ve already got a copy or got a copy coming and I end up with doubles, so I pass them on.

Vents-Marked For Death

Vents-Marked For Death

TONIGHT on Goonbag Radio at 7pm AWST or 9pm AEST, I’ve got a small Golden Era Records prize pack you can win:

  1. 1 x Vents-Marked For Death (CD)
  2. 1 x Hilltop Hoods-Parade of The Dead (DVD)

You’re going to need a twitter account and it’s all going to require you’re listening to Goonbag Radio between 9pmAEST and 10pmAEST if you want in.  The only thing I’m going to suggest is that you better keep your Vents close if you want to win.  So tune in to Goonbag Radio tonight at 9pm AEST or 7pm AWST be logged into twitter, follow us on twitter and you’re 75% on the way to winning.

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