MDMA - What It Look LIke

MDMA – What It Look LIke

MDMA, aka. Mdusu & Manaz Ill are set to drop their debut album, What It Look Like. The album is due out November 22nd via LMRObese Distribution. You can pre-order the physical album now via JB Hifi or Soul Clap Records and it should be available release day on iTunes.

A relative new name to Australian hip-hop fans, duo MDMA consists of acclaimed Tasmanian producer Mdusu (MD) and renowned Adelaide battle MC Manaz Ill. Having each gained notoriety in their respective fields, the duo formed in 2012 through a shared passion and drive for music. After the briefest of introductions, they immediately commenced working on a debut EP, which has since grown into a full-length album. In the short time since the group’s inception, the duo have shared stages with local heavyweights among the likes of Kings Konekted, Lazy Grey, Maundz, Known Associates and Fatty Phew, while still actively maintaining their solo endeavours. In early 2013 both MD and Manaz were recognised for their hard work around the country in the 10th annual awards, with MD taking out the prize for ‘Best Beat’ category for his production on K21’s single ‘Won’t Stop’, and Manaz winning the award for ‘Best Battle MC’. Now, armed with a steady building buzz and years of experience, MDMA are preparing to release their much anticipated debut album ‘What It Look Like’. The album contains 13 tracks all produced by MD, who has created a diverse soundscape that mixes the best elements of the old and the new; where analogue instruments meet futuristic synthesizers & timeless vinyl samples. Lyrically, ‘What It Look Like’ offers an insight into the daily struggles faced in modern society, covering topics such as drug abuse, lost love, social awareness and knowledge of self, all the meanwhile showcasing Manaz’s sincerity & versatility. Featuring collaborations with Tommy Illfigga, Prime, DJ Rob Shaker, Cortext and Dunn D, the album has something for everyone, highlighting the group’s varying influences. For those who haven’t heard of either MD or Manaz through their solo projects, the album serves as a solid introduction to the pair, complete with a well-rounded and refined sound.


  1. Where The Buck Stops (ft. DJ Rob Shaker)
  2. Run Away
  3. Love Me Not
  4. Memory Lane
  5. Ecstasy & Agony (ft. Prime)
  6. Red Pill, Blue Pill
  7. No Part Of Me (ft. Dunn D)
  8. W.I.L.L
  9. What It Look Like
  10. I Am What I Think
  11. No Justice, No Peace (ft. Tommy Illfigga & Cortext)
  12. Game On
  13. When The Party Stops

Grab MDMA-What It Look Like now on iTunes.

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Deece - A Cornered Season

Deece – A Cornered Season-1

Goonbag Radio brother from another mother Deece is dropping his new album A Cornered Season, via Obese Distribution be sure to check it out when it drops on November 23rd.  Alternatively, Soul Clap Records are doing signed pre-orders with bonuses for the album.

A Cornered Season is the debut solo album from the well oiled Melbourne MC, Deece (of B Wiv Deece fame). While B Wiv still has a strong presence on A Cornered Season producing six of the sixteen tracks, this album sees Deece team up with some of the best MC’s & producers this country has to offer.

The result?

A beautifully sculpted dynamic soundscape that complements Deece’s ever evolving sound. On the producer front Plutonic Lab has lent a hand between relentless Hilltop Hoods duties, WIK has jumped on board fresh from handling production on Maundz’s latest album Zero, Alter Ego handles four gems, J Squared contributes a spin tingler, Dave V drops a banger off the back of entirely producing Lazy Grey’s last album ‘The Soundtrack’ & Mat Raffle from WA delivers the perfect vibe for the title track. On the MC tip A Cornered Season is brutalised by the return of the Boss; Mass MC, the one and only Bigfoot, Fatty Phew, Maundz, Maggot Mouf, Swarmy, Geko, Force, & the lovely Alyson Murray with some haunting additional vocals on ‘What I’ve Seen’.

Fair to say this is a line up not for the squeamish. To add to the stellar line up of producers A Cornered Season has been mixed at Three Phase Studio’s by Joel Taylor & mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering to sound fucking bad arse.


  1. D double E C E (prod by Alter Ego)
  2. We’re over it (prod by Dave V)
  3. Originals ft. Geko & Maundz (prod by WIK)
  4. Sleeping Giants ft. Mass MC (prod by B Wiv)
  5. Back up ft.Bigfoot & Fatty Phew (prod by WIK)
  6. What ya ready for? (prod by B Wiv)
  7. Hells frozen winter (prod by J Squared)
  8. Sad Saga (prod by B Wiv)
  9. Ain’t it ft. Fatty Phew & Force (prod by B Wiv)
  10. Just let me (prod by Alter Ego)
  11. Who Want What? ft. Maundz (prod by Plutonic Lab)
  12. Planet of the Apes (prod by Alter Ego)
  13. Mend a Saga ft. Maggot Mouf & Swarmy (prod by B Wiv)
  14. What I’ve seen ft. Alyson Murray (prod by B Wiv)
  15. Drawing Board (prod by Alter Ego)
  16. A Cornered Season (prod by Mat Rafle)
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Update: Apparently there’s been some delays getting CD’s to stores so they may not be on the shelf as of tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled and ears open.

Update: Grab it now on iTunes!

The “Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen” album is one of MC Hunter‘s (RIP) final projects and is due for release on Friday, December 2. It will be available online and in most retail outlets for $24.95, with all proceeds going towards CanTeen, who offer information and support to teenagers suffering from cancer.

Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen Front Cover

Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen Front Cover

The double CD compilation is packed with value featuring 32 brand new tracks from the likes of Bias B, Downsyde, Drapht, Elefant Traks All Stars, Hilltop Hoods, Hunter, Koolism, Mortarand a whole load more. There’s even a new track from Graphic that some of you are no doubt itching to get your ears on. Tracklisting CD1

  1. Dazastah & Porsah Lane – Roll
  2. Koolism – Head High
  3. Hilltop Hoods – Handmade
  4. Hunter & Andrew Mack – My Life
  5. Elefant Traks All Stars – Colours (Hermitude, Solo, The Tongue, Ozi Batla  & Urthboy)
  6. The Master – Diagnosis
  7. Krisdafari – Hold It Down
  8. Cartoon Hell – Acid Spitting Mongolian Deathworm
  9. Newsense – V for Vendetta
  10. Complete & Sever – Huey R
  11. LSD & the Missus – Self Destruct
  12. Chase – City of Grime
  13. Mortar – Oh Lord
  14. Aftershock – So This Is Vandalism feat. Intelekt, Smiley & Verdikt
  15. Smiley – Imagine feat. The Long March
  16. Kadyelle, Thorts, Hunter & Porsah Lane – Feel At Home

Tracklisting CD2

  1. Layla – Loves Times Pie Recurring..
  2. Hunter, Dazastah & Drapht – When We Were Kids
  3. Bias B – In Love With The Music
  4. Downsyde – Nothing To Lose
  5. Ciecmate – Everybreath (Newsense Remix)
  6. G Force – Beast
  7. Bitter Belief, Hunter & Creed Birch – Up And Downs
  8. Slackjaw & Skank One – 2 Troo Vocalists
  9. Rip Snorta Raw – The Show Must Go On
  10. BRB – Hard Times
  11. Reason – Why Would I Say I Am feat. Axxin the Supernova
  12. Defyre – Which Way
  13. Graphic – Know Where You’re Goin
  14. Brethren – All About The Life feat. BRB
  15. Selekt Few – Words
  16. Money Kat – Get Yours

Be sure to get your copy and support a great cause!

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Drapht‘s new album The Life of Riley hit stores last Friday and after week of enjoying it I can quite safely say you really better buy this.  With almost all of the production being covered by Trials (not Trails) of Adelaide crew The Funkoars, it’s hitting home runs track after track.

Drapht - The Life of Riley

Drapht - The Life of Riley

The album has been released on Drapht‘s own label, The Ayems which has distribution through Sony Music! That’s a huge step forward after doing his last two albums signed to Obese Records, and no doubt brings a lot more pressure to deliver and a lot of pleasure when you do.

“Never in my life have I put so much time and energy into one single thing. Mentally, the making of this album broke me and drove me to the brink of insanity on so many different occasions, a song wasn’t worthy of the record unless it did so.”

You can grab Drapht's new album The Life of Riley on iTunes now, or go grab it from your local CD store. Also, get out of the house for a while and go catch the man and his abnd on tour all around the country, the details are below.

Update: Word from Drapht is the album hit #1, congrats to EVERYONE envolved in putting that together. HOME RUNS!

triple j, Fidelity Corporation and The Ayems Records present
The Life of Riley Tour

With special guests Mantra and The Tongue
Tickets on sale Thursday 10th March

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Raven from Crate Cartel dropped a new album back in December 2010 titled Ravenous 2010 and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t be missing out on. There’s some great guest verses on this album from Crate Cartel label mates Maundz, Luke Mac, Geko, Aetcix & Fatty Phew, along with Vents, Spit and Myk Reid.

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Breach & Boltz join forces as A-Diction once more for their sophomore release, following some mixtapes and an EP. The album Walkin’ Alone features beats by M-Phazes, Jase, Mules, Lewis One and Whisper and rounds out the track listing at 15 tracks.  We’ll be posting a short review of the album in the next day or two.

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Under the newly established Born Fresh Records, Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher and Tommy Illfigga) have just released their consistently hot debut release It’s About That Time.

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Crate Cartel are dropping a new release on June 18th via the Obese Distribution line, this time in the form of a Geko production album titled Crate Cartel Radio. Laced with arguably the countries best selection of MC’s and beats from Geko, Crate Cartel Radio is going to be another fine mark on 2010 from Melbourne.

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