We do the questionnaire exchange again with another member from The Optimen, this time we catch up with Kristoff The Russian (MC).  You can still catch some of the tracks off The Optimen‘s new album The Out Of Money Experience on their MySpace page, alternatively you can grab it from a CD retailer or online via iTunes or Big Pond Music.  Before proceeding i just wanted to touch on something funny I read as a status update on The Optimen’s facebook fan page from an interview with The Dwarf:

TheDwarf: You don’t sound Russian.
Kristoff: Yeah, I wasn’t born there.
TheDwarf: Oh, I was going to ask you about the hip hop scene in Russia.
Kristoff: Oh, you should ask me anyway!
TheDwarf: So… what’s it like.
Kristoff: I’ve got no idea.

Now read on and learn all about Kristoff and his apparent hatred of Danni Minogue.

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