Thorts – Bleeding Heart Muzik

I’m not exactly up on Thorts, but he’s recently moved over to good old WA to hang with the rest of us lonely folk and i’m hoping his album will be a good one, album drops on April Fools Day.  Anyway, you can cop the Obese Records press release below for information.

Kindly, the hip-hop gods have offered us a sampler for the album which you can get your ears onto here.

Thorts - Bleeding Heart Muzik

Thorts - Bleeding Heart Muzik

Bleeding Heart Muzik
Release date: April 1st, 2009
Distributed by: Obese Records

Proud father and hard-working Bunbury (WA) based emcee Thorts sets his deeply personal debut solo album free on April 1st, 2009. Three years in the making, Bleeding Heart Muzik is 15 tracks of introspective underground hip-hop that documents a young man’s coming of age, his metamorphosis and the promise of a triumphant new beginning.

With a love for hip-hop that spans over 14 years, Thorts is best known for his ardent dedication to Geelong’s Hungry Humans crew and the honest, heart-felt lyrics that have become synonymous with his alias. It’s this passionate, confessional approach to song-writing and a unique, self-assured vocal performance that allows Thorts to break free of the superficial, braggadocio, production-line rap often associated with his beloved art form.

With the aid of the internet and some trusted comrades, Thorts set out to create a definitive masterwork whilst living at his old flat in Geelong, crafting songs between shift-work at the local car factory. After collecting the best possible soundtrack from Australian beat-makers Saint Surly, Simple Simon, Crixus, Geko, Must and Crytearia, he reached deep within and began writing. This lush landscape of soulful, organic samples and 90’s boom-bap style production providing the perfect moods for him to purge his anger, frustration and resentment; and also to celebrate the beauty of love/life and a fresh start. One can sense the cathartic nature of Thorts’ experience whilst making this album as you follow on a quest to find peace – with his history, the emotional stress of distance between loved-ones, then finally the joy that comes from overcoming life’s problems and reaching the other side.

Reminiscent of classic albums from the likes of Atmosphere, Brother Ali and Sage Francis, Bleeding Heart Muzik chronicles the pain of life’s struggles and misfortunes, a healing/cleansing process and a rebirth. Thorts has accomplished more than just a solid debut release, he has created a therapeutic, uplifting and thought-provoking collection of songs that allow the audience to share his experience, his hope and a newly found optimism.

Delivering this album with pride and determination, Thorts commissioned esteemed designer April77 to create the artwork and penned a distribution deal with Pegz at Obese Records. Mastered by Avene and featuring guest verses from Crixus, Urban Monk, J.Waters, Esvee, JP, Mata & Must. 1/6 and Class-A plus cuts from DJ Bogues, Bleeding Heart Muzik is one full hour of sincere, heart-felt underground hip-hop that brings this “normal everyday person that loves to rap” out of the darkness and into the spotlight.

01. Why I Write
02. The Art Of Acceptance ft. Crixus
03. Into The Wind
04. When History Repeats
05. So Where You Headed
06. Gratitude
07. Open ft. Esvee
08. Bleeding Heart Muzik
09. Here For You
10. Sleep At Night
11. Walked A Chamomile
12. Like Minded Artists ft.Urban Monk, J.Waters, Esvee, JP, Wunsiks, Mata, Class A, Must & DJ Bogues
13. More Than Words
14. Never Cease
15. When It’s All Been Said And Done ft. Amber