Delta – The Lines

Delta‘s new single The Lines is now available for purchase exclusively on iTunes.  I’m pretty sure you can cop it over at Delta’s myspace but if you want to be listening to it wherever, you’re going to need to pony up $6.99 and head over to the iTunes store.

The single features 2 tracks, plus instrumentals and acapellas of both.  The Lines is the first single,  which opens up with a real distinct loop that will keep you in the track for it’s 2:27, Delta kicks it with a real nice flow similar to what i’ve heard from Seth Senty just much more refined and locked down.  The second verse is kicked by Mojo the Cinematic, who also featured on The Lostralian in a track title The Greater Good. The Lines is followed up by Fold ‘Em,  both are equally great tracks showing huge talent from Delta, one things for sure Delta has grown since Lostralian.