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A new interview went up over at today with Victorian man Briggs.  Briggs recently released the Homemade Bombs EP which you can buy online directly from the man himself here, your favourite record store, or our good old online favourite clinic116.  You can cop the interview here or read through for more info.

Briggs - Homemade Bombs EP

Briggs - Homemade Bombs EP

I like to have a laugh, thats about it, if i can think of something funny and turn it into a verse or whatever, my job is done. As for the message, i dont like to preach, i just like to put the ideas out there, i’m not trying to tell people how they should think, im just giving them a different angle. There’s a lot of politics in australia that aren’t touched on, or they are but they aren’t delivered in the way that i think they should, so thats what i do when i feel like it, i talk about some real shit.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of copping Homemade Bombs yet, i suggest you get into it and check it out.  Theres tracks produced by Jaytee, Gareth Hudson, 76 & Trials and while it’s a short CD (being an EP), it’s definately got some gold in it and shows that hopefully theres more Briggs to come yet.  If you’re down with iTunes, then you’re shit outta luck, this ones just not on the iTunes store.

Don’t forget to checkout the interview with Briggs.