Sage Francis Feature @ Music Feeds

Over at Music Feeds theres a great feature by Michael Carr with Miami’s Sage Francis.  Overall it’s a nice piece that provides some great quotes from Sage and a really good insight into who and what Sage Francis is.

“Mainstream ANYTHING is typically a watered down version of something that used to be potent and powerful. I don’t have much of an opinion on mainstream hip-hop. As far as I can tell it is manufactured for the sake of background noise while ordinary people do uninteresting things. Sometimes interesting stuff slips through the cracks and gives pop culture the kind of flavour it needs to keep seeming cool. I don’t know, I don’t really think about that stuff too much. I’ve never been all that interested in things that are forced on me.”

For me Sage Francis holds a special spot, for quite some time I had a good friend listening to him and i really wasn’t feeling it.  He kept telling me Sage was amazing and i just wasn’t listening, the music wasn’t reallly doing it for me so i wasn’t bothering to listen to Sage.  Then one day I stumbled across this:

Needless to say, i linked my mate and ate my words.  Sage truely is a great MC and if you search youtube you’ll find plenty of great videos of him destroying people on the mic.

Checkout the feature over at Music Feeds, you wont be dissapointed.