Fly Rye – Risky Business

Fly Rye (aka. Ryan Egan) hails from Melbourne, Ryan contacted me and asked if he could send me a CD and i’m never one to turn down a free cd especially if theres a chance i might like it.  So he did all the right stuff and got me the CD and a nice artist bio really quickly, i read the artist bio on the way home and i haven’t seen it since.  So here comes my fresh thoughts, no hype.

I’ve been playing Risky Business in my music rotation since it arrived and theres a few tracks that really hit it home for me, the first being Cardboard Memories.  Rapping is all about speaking from your point of view, speaking about your life and what you believe in and this is what Fly Rye excels at in Cardboard Memories.  Stepping back to the time of the #23, Upper Deck & Beckett i can really identify with this time period of Rye’s life so i guess this is why it’s my choice for the best of the cd.

It was an easy decision for me to pick Cardboard Memories as my favourite stand out, but i can’t really nail any others down as top tracks.  Feel free to check out Fly Rye’s CD Risky Business, it’s available for free download via his website Cassette Walkmans.