Illy – Long Story Short

The press douche for Illy‘s single had a line that went “Illy questions the questions, seeking a solution with equal intelligence and optimism”. Well simply put i don’t think that was the Illy we met on his mixtape, but if the single Generation Y (an M-Phazes hit) is anything to go by we’re in for a great ride with Illy.

Illy’s album, due out May 9th on Obese Records features beats by M-Phazes, J-Skub, JSquared & Taku and vocal guest spots by Pegz, Spit Syndicate, Solo (Horrorshow), N-Fa, Phrase, Cisco Tavares and Kulaia.  Check it out over at clinic116 or get it direct from Obese and find Illy.

Update: You can now check previews from Long Story Short over at Illy’s MySpace

Update 2: Grab Long Story Short over at iTunes