Brad Strut – Fallout Shelter/Rejuvenation Pre-Orders

It’s the deal of the century and you’d be downright stupid to miss it in my opinion.  Brad Strut‘s new release Fallout Shelter EP/Rejuvenation LP is now up for pre-order over at JB Hifi.  As always with JB Hifi theres a deal sweetener for pre-order customers and that arrives in the form of a bonus 7″ Vinyl and CD Single by Children of The Damned titled “Just Drink EP” and Fallout Shelter sticker.

This deal is apparently limited to 500 worldwide and JBHifi is the only place you can get it here in Australia, so head over and get your Brad Strut pre-order on, $25.00 + shipping for 3 CD’s and a 7″? that’s not to be sneezed at.

Update: You can now digitally grab both Fallout Shelter and Rejuvenation at iTunes.