Urthboy Guest Post @ MarkPollard.net

Over the last few days on Twitter Urthboy was tweeting on the importance of family stories. You know those stories your grandparents have been telling you for years that most of you don’t care about?  well they’re important, they shape and define you as a person.  Anyway, i’m not sure whether all this tweeting spurred on his guest post or whether the post spurred the tweeting, but he’s now gone and done a short guest post on Mark Pollard’s site.  It’s a short inciteful read reminding you that theres more to the world than everyday life and that sometimes stopping to listen or ask questions to the people is the best thing you can do.

Remember people around you have stories to tell too, most of them just think you don’t want to hear them and i think with a lot of people in todays world, they couldn’t be further from the truth.  Urthboy has raised a valid point, while his post was short and reminiscing it touched on a very daunting subject, the fact that passing on stories of older times seems to be almost non-existent in todays Australian culture.  Obviously this is a huge issue because once the older generation die if their experience and knowledge are not passed on, then it is lost forever.

Ending on an excellent idea, Urthboy encourages everyone (not just elders) to write summaries of their lives.  I truely believe if even 1/3 of the population did this, we’d be better off as a nation.