Nine High – Nine High Debut Album

You can see the Nine High lads doing there thing on RRR via YouTube here, but being over Perth, i’d not had the pleasure of hearing/seeing Nine High outside of YouTube and RRR. Sure everyones saying this Album is going to be huge, but aren’t they all saying that about their albums? Well the truth be told, Nine High’s debut album is great. It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, the simple album artwork tells you that straight away, it’s white and pure like the hip hop running through the veins of Fraksha, Scotty Hinds & Felony.

So the story goes Nine High have been doing there thing for many years now and finally after much pressure, they created an album. Then it sat ready for quite some time, while they waited to all be in the same place at the same time to release it. Apparently during this time everyones favourite, M-Phazes (good gracious!) managed to take some of the tracks from the album, turn them on their head and shake it upside down, other noteable producer to the album are Ghost Town, Jase, Drif & Lewis One. Whatever happened over all those years, it was worth it just so this album could be born in it’s current incarnation.

Theres some hot tunes on here and i’m topping my favourites at 3 tunes to keep things under control.  The first stand out track from Nine High’s debut album is without a doubt Fugs Need Hugs, to open with that such a big tunes was risky, but it fit so perfectly, so simple, yet so good. Following up with Track 2, Jokers is definitely a favourite, sampling Chris Rock and touching on the most cliche of hip hop topics “fake people”, now while it’s cliche these guys pulled it off without the usual cockiness that comes with such a track.  That leaves us with #3 and as easy as it’d be to just go in for Track 3 What You In It For? (another top track with a cliched topic choice), i’m going with Track 7 Bait.  Once again the simple beat wins, the lyrics here are awesome though, basically it describes that person we all know and their words describe it best, “everybody does illegal things you make it obvious”. Finally if I was touching out to a #4 i’d go for What Bothers Me, this track deserves a mention for its lyrical content.

Head over to iTunes and grab Nine High now, or head over to MySpace, get aquainted with some tracks off the album and go order it from your favourite independant.