Level Headed – The Spice Of Life

Some of you have heard of Level Headed through Train of Thought but things have been dormant from this camp for quite some time now. Well Level Headed has dropped a new album to wet your apetite and it’s damn good too. Head over to http://www.levelheadedclothing.bigcartel.com/product/levelheaded-the-spice-of-life and grab a copy now for a measely $20 AUD or got his myspace, preview that gold and then go buy it.

After a 5 year absence since releasing ‘Moving Heads’ with Train of thought, I finally got another release finished!
‘The Spice of life’ is a solo project which has taken me the last 2 years, all production by Debate, all cuts by Hacksaw except track 2.
It will be in stores soon through Amphead music but is available NOW through my Online store!

The new album from Adelaide MC Levelheaded featuring all production by Debate with DJ Hacksaw and Reflux on the cut. Laced with blazing verses from Trials, Headlock, Reason, Slats, Eslev, Sydetrak and Train of Thought.