Fluent Form Interview @ Certified Scribe

Fluent Form checks in with the Certified Scribe for a quick back and forth on the new album The Furnance (out now on Crate Cartel via Obese Distribution).

I’m diligent with my writing and I make sure to write everyday and as Geko handles most of the production, we share a similar work ethic. He’s always pumping out the beats and that allows us to make quality music without taking strenuous amounts of time to do so.

It’s a great interview helping you get into the mindset that created The Furnace and giving a bit of perspective on a few tracks the new album, The Furnace.  So head over now to Certified Scribe and check out the interview with Fluent Form.

Update: Fluent Form’s new album The Furnace is now available via iTunes, so grab it now