Phatchance – Inkstains

Sydney artist Phatchance is set to drop his debut album Inkstains next Friday, the 20th of November, Chance contacted me and eventually after a discussion it was decided he’d send me a copy of Inkstains to listen too and i’d give him my thoughts and some promo via this blog (it really is that easy). I’ll be clear though, i’m not bought these are my thoughts un-edited, un-compromised.

I’ve been following what i now like to call the “ex-Nurcha” crew for a while, buying their CD’s and listening to their work and watched as they did their own thing in a land full of BBQ’s & Beer, Politics and Graffiti taking knowledge in the fact that this is fundamental hip hop, people speaking their mind. Let’s be clear, Australian Hip hop isn’t “skip hop” (sorry guys) anymore, theres an artist for everybody’s tastes. Sometimes you don’t agree with that artists view, but that’s fine it doesn’t mean they’re any less an artist, you can still appreciate their work.

Phatchance is the side of Australian Hip Hop we’re yet to see take hold and I guess we’re about to see how it takes and i couldn’t predict it if I tried. Inkstains is a good album, but I wont be telling any stereo typical hip-hop heads to listen to it, because most of you are too closed minded to give it a chance. If you think you can open yourself up to someone elses introspection and emotion at any cost, then this album is for you. The album was approached conceptually “in essence Inkstains, both as a title and a release is trying to convey the mark that writing has made on my life” (Interview @ Certified Scribe). However it’s really just a young MC’s solo debut album, so allow him to get introspective and take you on an emotional journey while dealing with some personal issues and you’ll enjoy this album.

Tracks like Inkstains show you the Phatchance has the ability to write hits with the best of them, this will be the track you’re waving nodding your head to, no doubt. Other tracks on the album will strike emotional chords, others will just take you on a journey through a time in a young mans life and it’s all done well, but i’m not writing home about it, it’s just a good album.

The packaging is actually killer and that’s a big thing for me because i love jewel cases and have a strong hatred for the digipak. The digipak artwork is amazing and really shows off why people continue to use the digipak over a jewel case because the artistic theme can flow the whole way through packaging.

Another cool part about this release, is it features the 3rd CD in the I Forget, Sorry! bonus cd series. This has been a bonus disc series that has featured in the most recent releases of Mind Over Matter & Coptic Soldier (more of the “ex-Nurcha” Crew). This in itself has been an interesting feature and bonus for people willing to buy the cd, containing some really great tracks.

I was going to sit here riding on how emotional this album was, but then i got another listen and started to get the point of the album and saw past the emotion. You can’t just discount this (or any other for that matter) album on 1 or 2 listens, it’s not fair to the time the artist has put into it, nor should it be judged as 1 tune or half-listened. So grab yourself a copy of Phatchance – Inkstains next week when it comes out or give it a pre-order and give it a serious listen because this lad actually has something to say, but if you’re a closed minded fool, move along… there’s nothing to see here.

In short, after the first listen i didn’t know what i was going to write about, i only liked one track, but a few more listens down and other tracks begun to grow on me. Don’t toss it aside, all i’m saying is give Phatchance a chance.

Phatchance - Inkstains

Phatchance - Inkstains

Inkstains is the debut album from Sydney emcee Phatchance, it is a cohesive, emotive and extremely personal album that promises to smash open any remnants of the perception that Australian hip-hop is a genre with a shelf life. With a progressive sound riding somewhere between iconic Australian group The Hilltop Hoods and indie rockers Death Cab For Cutie, Inkstains ventures into new waters for local hip-hop music. Earnest lyrics and melancholy production thread the album together, interspersed with the same kind of high energy numbers that have pulled the genre from relative obscurity to a mainstay of the Australian live music scene. Inkstains is packed full of production from some of the best beat smiths in the country, including Adit (Horrorshow) and Akouo. California’s DJ Hoppa (Bliss N Eso – Up Jumped the Boogie) also provides production for the album, as do locals Konfuzion, Elgen & One Above.

Inkstains Track Listing

  1. Inkstains
  2. I Don’t Know – Feat. Sam Mcneill
  3. The Catchy Song – Feat. 360, Smiles Again & Joyride
  4. Mountain Of Glass
  5. Build It Up – Feat. Hr King
  6. Leaving The Nest
  7. Battlescars
  8. Invisible Queen
  9. Reflections – Feat. Prime
  10. C’est La Vie
  11. Angels In My Ears
  12. Leaving The Nest (Band Version)

I Forget, Sorry! #3 – I Finished Something

  1. It’s Not A Secret
  2. Liquid Company
  3. Angels In My Ears – Remix
  4. Coptic Soldier Boy
  5. My Weekend – Feat. DJ Ilz
  6. To The Bone
  7. Inkstains – Dub Remix

Band press kits

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Update: You can now get Phatchance's album Inkstains digitall from iTunes.