A Few Questions With Phatchance

So the other day i decided it would be a nice idea to do a questionnaire with some hip hop artists based to give us a bit of personal info about them.  Let’s be straight, this is not meant to be an interview, it’s questionnaire devised from my favourite TV Show that interviews actors, Inside The Actors Studio. The presenter James Lipton runs a 10 question questionnaire based on a questionairre prepped by an idol of his Bernard Pivot, which was based on The Proust Questionnaire.  My questionnaire is James Lipton’s 10 questions, plus 5 more questions specific to music.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, sit back and get down to our first 15 questions, with Phatchance.  You can cop a signed pre-order for Phatchance’s new album Inkstains over at JB Hifi and it’ll be available on iTunes shortly.  In the mean time, you can check out some tracks via myspace.  Let’s get down to it.

The General Questionnaire

What is your favorite word?

Chicken Tika; it’s two words… and I’m a Vegetarian… but try saying it in an accent and you’ll feel me.

What is your least favorite word?


What turns you on?

Chicken Tika

What turns you off?


What sound or noise do you love?

Three and four part harmonies, ala Gotye or barbershop

What sound or noise do you hate?

My birds immitating the phone

What is your favorite curse word?


What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?


What profession would you not like to do?

Garbage Man

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Wassup homie

Musical Specifics

What got you into music?

Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives (Not the Aesop song [Disclaimer: Not this at all])

Whats your favourite instrument?

The  acoustic guitar, it’s so versatile and beautiful, the double bass or cello would come close seconds though.

Favourite album of all time?

Brother Ali – Shadows On The Sun

Favourite song of all time?

This changes every day, according to iTunes it’s Basia Bullat – Little Waltz, but I’m thinking either Jeff Buckley - Forget Her or Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, those two songs got so much play from me when I was younger that I think they’re the songs I’ve loved the most.

Favourite artist of all time?

Again, super difficult and changing constantly… I guess The Hilltop Hoods have been the act most instrumental in changing my life, but Jeff Buckley and Death Cab For Cutie are pretty fucking amazing.

I’d like to thank Phatchance for taking the time to do the questionnaire and for being the first of hopefully many to complete our short questionnaire.  Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Phatchance’s new album Inkstains from JB Hifi.

Update: You can now get Phatchance's album Inkstains digitall from iTunes.