AustralAsian Music Industry Directory for iPhone

This post, while not hip hop related is going to be helpful to all those managers and other music industry representitives out there reading this site (i know you’re out there!).  If you’ve got an iPhone and it seems like all you do is try to find contacts for Artists or labels, this is the must have application for you.

15 years after their initial release of the print edition, The AustralAsian Music Industry Directory 09/10 iPhone application put together by Chance Media for IMMEDIA is currently dropping for $19.99AUD in the iTunes store, which is a steal considering the print edition is $50 and a 6 months subscription to the online database is $40.  The AMID application contains all the details of updated listings in close to 70 business categories including Artists cross referenced by Managers & Record Labels, Booking Agents, Publishers, Venues, Music Media (Print, Radio & TV), Promoters, Studios, Associations and many more.   According to their website it’s going to be updated twice a year (like the print edition), i assume the data updates will be via in-app purchases and cost you more money as that’s the way it prices with their other editions.

Grab it now from the iTunes Store.