Thundamentals iTunes Live From Sydney

The Thundamentals heat up the digital distribution space being what I believe is the first Australian Hip Hop artist/group to put up an iTunes Live release (correct me in the comments if i’m wrong).  The 6 track release can be purchased from the iTunes Music Store for a little over $10 AUD and i assume will be an exclusive to iTunes release, like the rest of the iTunes Live content.

Thundamentals iTunes Live from Sydney will feature live recordings of the following 6 tracks from their recently released album Sleeping On Your Style:

  1. I Hip Hop
  2. The Mash
  3. Serial Illa
  4. My Lady
  5. Sleeping On your Style
  6. Move It Up

Head over to iTunes now and get your copy of Thundamentals-iTunes Live From Sydney which is hopefully not going to be the last live recording we see on iTunes from Australian Hip Hop artist or group.