Australian Hip Hop Music Videos of 2009

Over on the RRR site Top Billin’ has posted their Top 10 Australian Hip Hop music videos for 2009, i’d swap some for others as you’d expect but that’s not to say his choices are any less valid, you should support all those artists.  Not sure if this just Sheriff Rosco’s Top 10 or what? guys?

Checking it out i got stuck in a YouTube Blackhole, searching and collating. Before i knew i had a YouTube playlist of all the Aussie Hip Hop  music videos i could find that’d been released this year, i started wondering what to do with it.  The first choice is obvious, a poll to see which is the best aussie hip hop music video from 2009, what comes next i’m still not sure.  I think over the course of the year i might sticky post the Top 10 videos on the site, 1 each month and the winner take the title of “Voted #1 Music Video 2009 @ Rhythm  & Poetry”.

2009 has been huge for music videos in the Australian hip-hop scene, with the advent of HD handheld video cameras and cheap editing software, it seems everyones making a video.  I could be all negative and say it’s a bad thing that theres some trash on the pile, but its not.   It’s†† a side effect of making it easier and cheaper for the fresh artists to do it properly, after seeing some of them, theres really no excuse not to drop a video with an album in 2010.

The best thing about the aussie hip hop music videos this year wasn’t all the new music, for me the winner was the nice video Bias-B cut together for Lazy Grey’s Stop ‘N’ Think, that’s got my 1 of my votes.  Then there was the ever strange in Polo Club’s Let Me Out, the ever imaginative in Horroshow’s Thoughtcrime and animated in Urthboy’s Hellson & Hilltop Hoods’ recent release Light You Burned.

Anyway, enough from me it’s time to vote your 5 favourite aussie music videos of 2009 people.