Urthboy + Victorian Department of Transport

Elefant Traks frontliner Urthboy seems to be stuck in a minor battle with the Department of Transport in Victoria over the usage of his track We Get Around in advertising campaign.  While the state department did license the track for use and it seems usage terms weren’t possibly part of the contract (maybe next time?), Urthboy is still rightfully annoyed that his music which he believed would be used in a public transport campaign, was also being used to advertise freeway construction in what he sees as a propaganda campaign.

Read more over at The Age.

You may think i’m pushing the wrong buttons by posting this, but I think it’s important to show that sometimes when you license your music it doesn’t always get used for what you thought it would. I’m also 100% behind Urthboy though i think if you’re as political as The Herd or Urthboy, there should be some stiff conditions on the usage when you license out your music, conditions that stop these kinds of things from occuring.  This isn’t the first time the Elefant Traks roster has had controversy over their beliefs and it’s not an overly bad thing, however I really hope they’re learning from it.