Fatty Phew – The Best Things In Life Are Free (FREE)

Crate Cartel serve up another fine free EP to the masses.  This time Fatty Phew drops the vocaloid mastery while Alter Ego steps up for production alongside DJ Bogues for the cuts, all under the the guise of the best things in life begin free.   I haven’t had a chance to check all of this out yet, so i’m not really sure what to expect, according to the press you should be expecting pure hip hop.  Snap up a copy of some pure hip hop from Fatty Phew & crew now.


  1. The Greatest
  2. So The Fuck What..
  3. Don’t Forget
  4. Take A Stand
  5. Yes Or No

Best things in life are free! Janet Jackson said it, but Fatty Phew, Alter Ego and Dj Bogues have made it true. With Alter Ego on production, Dj Bogues on the Decks and Fatty Phew on the mic these 3 have come together to create a stellar FREE release that most artists would be charging for.

If your looking for that pure hiphop that has been missing from the airwaves of late, then look no further. Its back, and in full effect. The Best Things in Life are Free is an impressive 5 track E.P produced by Alter Ego and written by Fatty Phew. A newcomer to the scene, Alter ego has not come in lightly, with banging beats taking influence from such producers as Dj premier, Stoupe from Jedi Mind Tricks and Pete rock to name a few, Ego’s beats are always large and heavy hittin’ with a hell of a lot of flavour which will establish him as a talented beatsmith. Geelong’s Legendary MC Fatty Phew, is back better then ever. Phew’s versatility has always been known after the underground classic release 23 Years in the Making. With tracks like Take a Stand Phew returns with his hard hitting lines and passionate views on life, then chills out with a track reminiscing on past experiences with Dont forget. Tracks like So the fuck what pokes fun at the side of life that everybody else seems to take so serious, and Yes or No is a story about the times people tend not to take serious. To add to this new release, Dj Bogues brings his talents to the Turntables to make a good thing even better. The Best Things In Life are Free

All Tracks produced by Alter Ego. All Cuts by Dj Bogues. All Tracks written by Fatty Phew.

If you haven’t already done so, head over to Fatty Phew’s website and grab a copy of The Best Things In Life Are Free