Fluent Form Interview & The Furnace Review @ All Aussie

The guys over at All Aussie Hip Hop Blog have caught up with Melbourne’s Fluent Form for a quick interview on all things past and present, along with tackling a glowing review of The Furnace.  Head over to All Aussie Hip Hop Blog and get yourself a taste of the interview with Fluent Form or the review of The Furnace.

Fluent’s confidence has grown in leaps and bounds since debuting Chapters Of Substance. This time Fluent has pushed his mic skills even further. His complex rhyming structure, deep concepts, and overall flow are orchestrated faultlessly with the guys handling production.

Fluent on the Crate Cartel overall vision:

Just doing music we like. Music we know is dope. We’ve got a very strong work ethic and I think that helps us stay consistent.

As always Fluent Form-The Furnace is available via iTunes, so get in there and grab it.