Ozi Batla – Put It On Wax

The Elefant Traks forums and fans of Ozi Batla for quite a while now have been asking “When’s Ozi doing a solo?”, we were told “it’s happening”, “it’s underway”, well look no further because it’s all starting now. Ozi Batla has released a track, titled Put It On Wax as a teaser to the release of his forthcoming solo album Wild Colonial. Wild Colonial is due out May 14th through none other than Elefant Traks and looks to be another fine chapter in Ozi Batla’s career. You can catch the track Put It On Wax on Soundcloud now, or embedded below.

Check out the Elefant Traks blog for more details.

Update: You can now pre-order Ozi Batla’s forthcoming album Wild Colonial from JB Hifi.