The Crate Creep & Choose Mics – The Prefix

Queensland’s The Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga) drop a freebie along with Choose Mics titled The Prefix.  The Prefix is the mixtape leadup to the new album coming from The Crate Creeps in the near future and the recently released Beggars Can’t Be Choosers from Choose Mics.

Download the FREE JOINT prealbum with the Crate Creeps on half & Choose Mics on the other!!!! “The Prefix”


  1. Sleepy Hollow Feat. Bigfoot, The Heat And Buddha Bless (Prod. Crate Creeps)
  2. Over It Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)
  3. Written In Stone Feat. Eloquence And Tommy Ill (Prod. Crate Creeps)
  4. Meditation Feat. Brisbane Allstars (Prod. Crate Creeps)
  5. Feeding Time Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)
  6. The Prefix Feat. Tommy Ill And Haunts Of Choose Mics (Prod. Crate Creeps)
  7. Crunch Time Feat. Choose Mics And A-Diction (Prod. Mules)
  8. Concrete Rap Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)
  9. Eyes Grow Tired Feat. Scott Burns (Prod. Crate Creeps)
  10. Get In Line Feat. Choose Mics (Prod. Mules)

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