Got Beef? Battles (Video)

If you didn’t have the pleasure of attending the first round of Got Beef? in Melbourne about a month ago, the footage is starting to leak through on YouTube now.  You can catch more updates from the league on their YouTube user page or catch the first 2 rounds below.

Madness  & Anecdote

This was a really cool battle, not like the awkwardness the one below brought.  Madness & Anecdote seemed evenly matched the whole way through, though I do think the overtime and requests for double overtime was just a bit of “promotion”; I personally would’ve handed it to Madness on the 3rd round when Anecdote started to drop off.

360 & Keynote

Keynote came hard first round even if a little over rehearsed, but as someone alluded to in the YouTube comments 360’s instant retort of “nice verse cunt” (and it was a nice verse) seemed to put Keynote right off kilt! 360 just had powerful charisma, he won because everyone hung on every word he said and understood it; clean delivery! Had it not been for this in the first 2 rounds and the off kilt Keynote in the 2nd & 3rd rounds, the last round would never have worked.