Goonbag Radio Show

Things have been quiet over here for a while I plan and scheme, but we’re back and with some good news. I’ll be doing a show on Goonbag Radio, Monday nights (that’s tonight) at 6pm WST, 9PM EST, tune in!

Goonbag Radio

Goonbag Radio -

Monday nights is becoming quite the party on Goonbag Radio now, at 7pm over in the east, 4pm in the west it all starts with the show “Hip Hop w/ Bill What”. Bill’s been presenting on Goonbag for a while now and does a really great show filled full with all kinds of hip hop. Then at 8pm in the east, 5pm in the west there’s a new show with Zawtay called “Sock With A Hole” and i think Zawtay will be playing sounds from the funkified collection.

Straight after Zawtay, I’ll be hitting the stream with my new show Rhythm & Poetry and be playing some banging hip hop from around the globe, so don’t miss out tonight, tune your browser to Goonbag Radio and catch some great music from 7pm East Coast Oz or 4pm West Coast Oz.