Rhythm & Poetry August 13th 2012 (Podcast)

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  1. Mr Grevis – Monster
  2. Nas – Queens Story
  3. Doc Felix – I Don’t Play feat Muph
  4. Plan B – Ill Manors
  5. Nas – Loco-Motive (ft. Large Professor)
  6. Sever – The Butcher From Jull St (cuts scratchs & mastered by rob shaker)
  7. Aftershock – So This Is Vandalism feat. Intelekt, Smiley & Verdikt
  8. L.S.D – What Did You Do feat. Gift of Gab
  9. Rainman – Can19:14 : Mr Grevis – Drift Away (featuring Jess Harlen)
  10. Seth Sentry – My Scene
  11. Doc Felix – Enough Of Me? feat Brad Strut
  12. Harvest – Tracktor Beam aka Meth&Ice (ManGills96) V9 DjRellik
  13. Mr Grevis – The Refugee Song (featuring Porsah Laine, Aero D & Soma)
  14. The Herd – We Can’t Hear You
  15. Basement Grits – The Boom Bap Is Back
  16. Hilltop Hoods – Parade Of The Dead
  17. Ciecmate Presents Various Artists – Focus/What It Look Like Ft. Trials & Vents
  18. Drapht – Take the Party With Us (feat. Funkoars)
  19. Julez the mc – Zombie Love