Rhythm & Poetry September 10th 2012 feat. Jimblah (Podcast)

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In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by Jimblah, recently signed to Elefant Traks.

Gooncast post with the show and direct link.


  1. L-Fresh the Lion – Waiting
    << We chat with JimBlah
  2. M-Phazes – Take it From Me feat. Illy
  3. JimBlah – #Whatupfam feat. Georgia B
  4. Jimblah – Face The Fire
  5. Dialect & Despair – New Testament (feat. Total Eclipse)
  6. DOS4GW – …and the sign shall be my ecstasy
  7. Arms in Motion – Pick Up The Pieces
  8. FG – Community 101
  9. MD – Me & Miss Amy
  10. The Stoops & JSquared – Right Time
  11. Hunter & Andrew Mack – My Life
  12. Ainslie Wills – Fighting Kind
  13. The Last Kinection – I Can Featuring Radical Son