Rhythm & Poetry October 1st 2012 feat. P.Smurf (Podcast)

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In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by P.Smurf from Daily Meds/Reverse Polarities and Big Village Records. You can download his free mixtape, Smurf Village, from Big Village Records.

Gooncast post with the show and direct link.


  1. Tzu – The People
  2. Chasm – I See You Ft. Marvin Priest
  3. Daily Meds – SBS and ABC
    << We talk to P Smurf from Daily Meds/Reverse Polarities (Big Village Records)
  4. Hunter And Dazastah – Im A Cunt
  5. Hunter & Mortar – One Toke Over the Line
  6. Hunter – Jam Roll
  7. Hunter & DJ Vame – Bring It On Wax
  8. Chasm – King Pin Shottas Ft. Guilty Simpson, Hau & Mdusu
  9. Illy – All The Above (feat. Thundamentals)
  10. Dazed – Hearing Not Listening (Produced by Discourse)
  11. Theory of Face – Anytime [Outside]
  12. Admin & Percuss – Great Mistake