Rhythm & Poetry October 8th 2012 feat. Tuka (Podcast)

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In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by Tuka from Thundamentals and Big Village Records. You can grab his new album Feedback Loop on iTunes now!

Gooncast post with the show and direct link.


  1. Thundamentals – Highs & Lows
  2. Thundamentals – Paint The Town Red
  3. Chasm – Rise of the New feat. Damajah, Jeswon & Tuka (Thundamentals)
  4. Two Toes – Passengers Ft. Tuka And Host Manifest
  5. Crate Creeps – Make Mine Feat. Thundamentals
  6. Dazed – Hearing Not Listening (Produced by Discourse)
    << We chat with Tuka
  7. Thundamentals – Sleeping On Your Style
  8. Plan B – Ill Manors
  9. Bingethinkers – Cannibals
  10. The Alchemist – Kalashnikov Guns (Featuring Guilty Simpson)
  11. Jack Wagner – Usage of the Word Fuck
  12. Funkoars – All We Need
  13. MC Lars – Twenty-Three
  14. Seth Sentry – Vacation