MDMA – What It Look Like

MDMA - What It Look LIke
MDMA - What It Look LIke

MDMA – What It Look LIke

MDMA, aka. Mdusu & Manaz Ill are set to drop their debut album, What It Look Like. The album is due out November 22nd via LMRObese Distribution. You can pre-order the physical album now via JB Hifi or Soul Clap Records and it should be available release day on iTunes.

A relative new name to Australian hip-hop fans, duo MDMA consists of acclaimed Tasmanian producer Mdusu (MD) and renowned Adelaide battle MC Manaz Ill. Having each gained notoriety in their respective fields, the duo formed in 2012 through a shared passion and drive for music. After the briefest of introductions, they immediately commenced working on a debut EP, which has since grown into a full-length album. In the short time since the group’s inception, the duo have shared stages with local heavyweights among the likes of Kings Konekted, Lazy Grey, Maundz, Known Associates and Fatty Phew, while still actively maintaining their solo endeavours. In early 2013 both MD and Manaz were recognised for their hard work around the country in the 10th annual awards, with MD taking out the prize for ‘Best Beat’ category for his production on K21’s single ‘Won’t Stop’, and Manaz winning the award for ‘Best Battle MC’. Now, armed with a steady building buzz and years of experience, MDMA are preparing to release their much anticipated debut album ‘What It Look Like’. The album contains 13 tracks all produced by MD, who has created a diverse soundscape that mixes the best elements of the old and the new; where analogue instruments meet futuristic synthesizers & timeless vinyl samples. Lyrically, ‘What It Look Like’ offers an insight into the daily struggles faced in modern society, covering topics such as drug abuse, lost love, social awareness and knowledge of self, all the meanwhile showcasing Manaz’s sincerity & versatility. Featuring collaborations with Tommy Illfigga, Prime, DJ Rob Shaker, Cortext and Dunn D, the album has something for everyone, highlighting the group’s varying influences. For those who haven’t heard of either MD or Manaz through their solo projects, the album serves as a solid introduction to the pair, complete with a well-rounded and refined sound.


  1. Where The Buck Stops (ft. DJ Rob Shaker)
  2. Run Away
  3. Love Me Not
  4. Memory Lane
  5. Ecstasy & Agony (ft. Prime)
  6. Red Pill, Blue Pill
  7. No Part Of Me (ft. Dunn D)
  8. W.I.L.L
  9. What It Look Like
  10. I Am What I Think
  11. No Justice, No Peace (ft. Tommy Illfigga & Cortext)
  12. Game On
  13. When The Party Stops

Grab MDMA-What It Look Like now on iTunes.