Rhythm & Poetry February 4th 2013 – Rob Shaker Interview (Podcast)

Every Monday we (myself and Trout) do a 1.5 hour show on Goonbag Radio, we record a podcast of that show every week.

In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by Rob Shaker.  If you’re in Perth and need somewhere to record or need someone to mix and master your project, hit up Rob in his studio Shake Down Studio.

We’ve actually posted this in an edited form before, not long after the interview Rob edited it down and put it in Soundcloud.   This post has the entire unedited show.

Rhythm & Poetry February 4th 2013 feat Rob Shaker by Rhythm & Poetry on Mixcloud


  1. Geko – It’s My Husband That Has The Problem
  2. FG – Jobbed feat. Wisdom2th
  3. Bitter Belief – Mr Big Man
    << We chat with Rob Shaker
  4. Rob Shaker – Shaken Not Stirred Intro
  5. Chase – Different To The Rest
  6. Sever – Broken Structure ft Divine
  7. Seven – Good Thing ft Mr Hill (Rob Shaker Remix)
  8. Raven & Rob Shaker – International
  9. Raven & Rob Shaker – We Got This
  10. Maundz – March 10th (Rob Shaker Remix)
  11. Golden Era Records – Posse Cut – Briggs, Vents, The Funkoars, Hilltop Hoods & K21 (Taken from Grieves ‘ Bloody Poetry’- Produced by Budo)