Rhythm & Poetry June 24th 2013 – Oath Interview (Podcast)

Every Monday we (myself and Trout) do a 1.5 hour show on Goonbag Radio, we record a podcast of that show every week.

In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by Perth producer Oath. You can grab Oath's latest release A Prelude to A Sunset on iTunes now.


  1. Oath – Home To The Sea
  2. The 45 King – Meganizm
  3. Dedlee – Frankston Flow
  4. Mata & Must – Rebel With A Pen
  5. Prowla – Reflection
  6. Oath – Age Of Aquarius R.O.T.Y.M. feat Lewis Parker
  7. Bias B – Rainy Days (feat. Shazlek & Brad Strut)
  8. Oath – Message In A Bottle feat Doc Felix
  9. DJ Krush – Dig This Vibe
  10. Must Volkoff – Grub (feat. Koots)