Rhythm & Poetry August 12th 2013 – Ben Iota Interview & Chat (Podcast)

Every Monday we (myself and Trout) do a 1.5 hour show on Goonbag Radio, we record a podcast of that show every week.

In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by Ben Iota. You can buy Ben Iota‘s album Born Free direct from bandcamp or iTunes.

Rhythm & Poetry August 12th 2013 feat. Ben Iota by Rhythm & Poetry on Mixcloud


  1. Mathas – Nourishment (Ft: Abbe May)
  2. Flu aka Fluent Form – A Grade
  3. Ben Iota – You Can Feel It
  4. Social Change – Black Text
    << We chat with ben Iota for 2 hours
  5. Ben Iota – More Than Just Words (featuring Visionz, Motion, Mesha and Social Change)
  6. GOATMOB – Murder On Buds
  7. Force – Go For More Ft Muph
  8. Ben Iota – From the Middle of the Cosmic Soup
  9. Ben Iota – Iota (K21 Remix)
  10. Horrorshow – Nice Guys Finish Last feat. Joyride
  11. Mathas – Nourishment (Ft: Abbe May)