Rhythm & Poetry October 21st 2013 – Mr Grevis Interview (Podcast)

Every Monday we (myself and Trout) do a 1.5 hour show on Goonbag Radio, we record a podcast of that show every week.

In this podcast we’re joined for a chat by Mr Grevis from Perth’s Syllabolix Crew for a chat about his then new album My Escape. You can buy his album, My Escape digitally from iTunes.

Rhythm & Poetry October 21st 2013 feat. Mr Grevis by Rhythm & Poetry on Mixcloud


  1. Sever – Too Many Talkers Ft. Mr Grevis
  2. Mr Grevis – So High
  3. Mr Grevis – Still High ft. Dazastah
  4. Paradox & P44 – What’s Good
    << Chat with Mr Grevis
  5. Drapht – Won’t Listen When
  6. Mr Grevis – Curse of the Kennedys ft. Drapht
  7. Dialectrix – Black and Gold
  8. The Notorious B.I.G. – Dead Wrong (feat. Eminem)
  9. Eminem – Criminal