Rhythm & Poetry January 13th 2014 – Mathas Interview (Podcast)

Every Monday we (myself and Trout) do a 1.5 hour show on Goonbag Radio, we record a podcast of that show every week.

In this podcast we’re joined in the studio by WA MC Mathas from The Community.  You can buy Mathas’ releases on bandcamp now or maybe you're into iTunes?.

Rhythm & Poetry January 13th 2014 feat. Mathas by Rhythm & Poetry on Mixcloud


  1. Mathas – Doctorshopping
  2. Mathas – Captain Bashful Feat. Deph One
  3. Mathas – Doctorshopping
  4. DOS4GW – Charm(ing Redux) ft. Mathas
  5. Mathas – White Sugar (2011)<< We chat with Mathas
  6. DJ Silence – Why Are You So Stressed? Ft. Mathas & Thorts
  7. Plutonic Lab – Look Alive (ft. Dialectrix)
  8. MDMA – Red Pill, Blue Pill
  9. Doc Felix – The Right Direction feat Dialect
  10. Naik – Mt Mancoun


The photo used as a feature image for this post is by Matsu Photography