Interview w/ Ellesquire live on Monday night

We’ll be chatting with Ellesquire from Big Village Records, Live Monday night on Goonbag Radio.

Brad Strut T-Shirt Pack

Brad Strut x Noxious Hardwear

Seemingly late in it’s theme by about 4 years, Noxious Hardwear have joined forces with Brad Strut for a limited t-shirt run.


Tight Arse Tuesday, Get Free Stuff

Are you ready? there’s been a seemingly awesome load of free stuff come out over the last few months, some i’ve already talked about, others are first time visitors to this site.  So heres a nice list of free stuff you can snap back to your computer for keeps, care…

Ozi Batla - Wild Colonial (Front)

Ozi Batla – Wild Colonial Artwork Sneakpeak

Thanks to whoever was behind the Elefant Traks twitter account today, we got to see some of the artwork from Ozi Batla‘s upcoming solo album Wild Colonial;  See below.  You can hear a track off the new album here or . Update: you can now pre-order Ozi Batla’s new release…


The Crate Creep & Choose Mics – The Prefix

Queensland’s The Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher & Tommy Illfigga) drop a freebie along with Choose Mics titled The Prefix.  The Prefix is the mixtape leadup to the new album coming from The Crate Creeps in the near future and the recently released Beggars Can’t Be Choosers from Choose Mics. Download…


Ozi Batla – Put It On Wax

The Elefant Traks forums and fans of Ozi Batla for quite a while now have been asking “When’s Ozi doing a solo?”, we were told “it’s happening”, “it’s underway”, well look no further because it’s all starting now. Ozi Batla has released a track, titled Put It On Wax as…


2010 Hilltop Hoods Initiative Winner

On Triple J today Hau (Triple J Hip Hop Show/Koolism) announced the winner of the 2010 Hilltop Hoods Initiative.  We’d like to extend our congratulations to Melbourne’s hottest MC since Mantra, the man known as 1/6.  If you haven’t had a chance to catch anything by 1/6, you can catch…

Social Change-V.High.EP

Free Stuff From Social Change

If you asked me over the last year who my favourite MC in the country was, it’s likely i responded “Social Change“, you’d say “Who?” and i’d proceed to walk you through YouTube (here), some music and recently some freestyles on Top Billin’ (check it out here on Sound Cloud…