MDMA - What It Look LIke

MDMA – What It Look Like

MDMA, aka. Mdusu & Manaz Ill are set to drop their debut album, What It Look Like. The album is due out November 22nd via LMR & Obese Distribution.

Deece - A Cornered Season-1

Deece – A Cornered Season

Goonbag Radio brother from another mother Deece is dropping his new album A Cornered Season, be sure to check it out.

Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen Front Cover

Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen

The “Australian Hip Hop Supports Canteen” album is one of MC Hunter’s (RIP) final projects and is due for release on Friday, December 2. It will be available online and in most retail outlets for $24.95, with all proceeds going towards CanTeen.

Drapht - The Life of Riley

Drapht – The Life of Riley

Drapht’s new album The Life of Riley hit stores last Friday and after week of enjoying it I can quite safely say you really better buy this!

Raven - Ravenous 2010

Raven – Ravenous 20Ten

Raven from Crate Cartel dropped a new album back in December 2010 called Ravenous 2010 and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t be missing out on.

A-Diction - Walkin' Alone

A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone

Breach & Boltz join forces as A-Diction once more for their sophomore release, following some mixtapes and an EP. The album Walkin’ Alone features beats by M-Phazes, Jase, Mules, Lewis One and Whisper and rounds out the track listing at 15 tracks. ¬†We’ll be posting a short review of the…

Crate Creeps - It's About That Time

Crate Creeps – It’s About That Time

Under the newly established Born Fresh Records, The Crate Creeps (DJ Butcher and Tommy Illfigga) have just released their consistently hot debut release It’s About That Time.

Geko - Crate Cartel Radio

Geko Presents Crate Cartel Radio

Crate Cartel are dropping a new release on June 18th via the Obese Distribution line, this time in the form of a Geko production album titled Crate Cartel Radio. Laced with arguably the countries best selection of MC’s and beats from Geko, Crate Cartel Radio is another fine mark in 2010 from Melbourne.