Briggs - The Blacklist (cover)

Briggs – The Blacklist Review

Ahhh The Blacklist, it’s been living a pretty solid life in all of my music players and for a good reason. So straight in with a summary and no bullshit, if you liked the Homemade Bombs EP you’re going to love The Blacklist.

A-Diction - Walkin' Alone

A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone Review

A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone is the sophomore release from Breach & Boltz, coming in at 15 tracks.  In my opinion you can expect an album that has a little bit of something for everybody. If you’re interested, . A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone Reviewer: Ruxton – August 23rd, 2010 Breach & Boltz first…

Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks - The Sound Of Wings

Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks – The Sound of Wings Review

Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks – The Sound of Wings is an eight track release that comes with a 6 track bonus disc (the 4th CD in the I Forget, Sorry! series). What you can expect from this album is a lighter side of hip hop beats and some topic choice per track, there’s some really nice beats in here backed by real instruments and some good lyrics too.


Fluent Form Interview & The Furnace Review @ All Aussie

The guys over at All Aussie Hip Hop Blog have caught up with Melbourne’s Fluent Form for a quick interview on all things past and present, along with tackling a glowing review of The Furnace.  Head over to All Aussie Hip Hop Blog and get yourself a taste of the…


M-Phazes Good Gracious Interviews/Reviews

M-Phazes has released an awesome CD in Good Gracious and many people have caught up with him or given it a review over the past few weeks.  Below you’ll find links to interviews with M-Phazes and reviews of Good Gracious.  I’d also like to extend a big congratulations to M-Phazes…

Phatchance – Inkstains

Sydney artist Phatchance is set to drop his debut album Inkstains next Friday, the 20th of November, Chance contacted me and eventually after a discussion it was decided he’d send me a copy of Inkstains to listen too and i’d give him my thoughts and some promo via this blog…


Lazy Grey – The Soundtrack Review @

Theres a real nice review of Lazy Grey‘s new album The Soundtrack over at, written by Gerling.  The review really breaks down why I think alot of people on first listen of The Soundtrack, are going to pre-emptively toss it aside.  Thats the worst thing you could ever do…


Nine High – Nine High Debut Album

You can see the Nine High lads doing there thing on RRR via YouTube here, but being over Perth, i’d not had the pleasure of hearing/seeing Nine High outside of YouTube and RRR. Sure everyones saying this Album is going to be huge, but aren’t they all saying that about…