When Media Gets It Wrong.. (Bliss N Eso aren’t the Hilltop Hoods)

A lovely article over at ABC News was brought to my attention today, the article in question titled “Hip-hop ‘a driving force’ in Oz music industry“ is all about Australia’s favourite son’s of hip hop, the Hilltop Hoods and their six ARIA nominations.  The interview goes on talking to Pressure…


Bliss N Eso – Flying Colours Goes Gold

So alot of us knew Bliss N Eso are popular, but just how popular maybe just reared it’s head.  The original release of Bliss N Eso’s Flying Colours album has gone gold, for those out of the loop this means the lads have sold over 500,000 units.  That’s alot of…


Bliss N Eso – APRA Urban Work of The Year Nomination

Illusive artist’s Bliss N Eso have been nominated twice  for the 2009 APRA Urban Work of The Year.  You can check out all the details over here if you want to check the offical documentation.  Both Woodstock 2008 and The Sea Is Rising have been nominated and just quietly, i…


Bliss Interview @ BOSS Radio Show (Bondi FM)

BOSS Radio is a show on Bondi FM in you guessed it, Bondi! They recently did a nice interview with Bliss and you can check it out over at the BOSS Radio Show MySpace.  It’s a short interview (5:40) but its really nice to hear a new interview with just…


Bliss N Eso – On Tour

If you’re itching to have a listen to Bliss N Eso‘s new track ‘On Tour’ away from Triple J (as it seems to be the only station willing to play it) before June 12th then head over and check out the Illusive Eflyer Volume 09.  They’ve graciously embedded a 160kbps…


Bliss n Eso – Woodstock 2008 on Rove Live

On Sunday, Bliss n Eso performed for Rove! on Channel 10.   In case any of you happened to miss it (because i know i did), you can catch a recap via the RoveDaily website or alternatively click through to check the video after the break.