Rhythm & Poetry December 15th 2014 – Fluent Form Interview (Podcast)

Interview with Melbourne producer and MC Fluent Form of the mighty Crate Cartel

Phil & Flu – The Time Machine (Video)

Another video drops from the soon to be released Phil & Flu – Classics on Crate Cartel, this time featuring production from Phil.

Phil & Flu – Notes from the Underground Pt. 2 (Video)

A new video from the land of Crate Cartel, this time it’s a track off the forthcoming release from Phil (Geko) & Flu (Fluent Form) – Classics.

Maundz – Maundzilla (Video)

In the haze of acquiring vinyl and being generally busy I’ve missed posting one of the best clips from the year.

Goatmob – Space Trip Oddity (Video)

Goatmob (Geko & Aetcix) of Crate Cartel dropped a video clip for their track Space Trip Oddity, which features on the Obese Records compilation Obesecity 2.

Maundz – Zero (Video)

Maundz drops another video, this time for the title track off his new album, Zero.

Raven - Ravenous 2010

Raven – Ravenous 20Ten

Raven from Crate Cartel dropped a new album back in December 2010 called Ravenous 2010 and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Raven – Devil’s Advocate (Video)

At the start of January this year, Crate Cartel’s Raven dropped a film clip for the single Devil’s Advocate.