Rhythm & Poetry November 26th 2012 – Dialect Interview (Podcast)

Interview with Dialect from Monday November 26th 2012. Hosted by Ruxton & Trout.

Must Volkoff ft. Dialect – Homeostasis (Video)

Must Volkoff drops a video for another track off his album White Russian.

Dialect & Despair – S.A.B.X feat Majestic Gage & D Flow (Video)

Dialect & Despair dropped a video at the end of November for the track S.A.B.X featuring Majestic Gage and D Flow off their new album Self Evident. The album is out now and available in record stores, online and via iTunes.

Dialect and Despair – Prolific (Video)

Adelaide’s Dialect (MC) & Despair (Producer) drop a video for the single Prolific off their new album, The Vortex.