MDMA - What It Look LIke

MDMA – What It Look Like

MDMA, aka. Mdusu & Manaz Ill are set to drop their debut album, What It Look Like. The album is due out November 22nd via LMR & Obese Distribution.

Thundamentals – Smiles Don’t Lie (Video)

A new single from Thundamentals titled “Smiles Don’t Lie” off their forthcoming third album.

Bitter Belief – Mr Big Man (Video)

Perth local Bitter Belief releases the second track off his forthcoming album The Gallery.

Deece – Who Want What? feat. Maundz (Video)

Deece dropped a filmclip a few weeks back for the track Who Want What? feat. Maundz off his new album A Cornered Season.

Koolta – Possessions (Video)

“This journey takes us from the world of the greedy fat cats in towering concrete sky scrapers all the way down to the streets below where people fight to survive every second of every day. Three men each have a story to tell.”

Deece - A Cornered Season-1

Deece – A Cornered Season

Goonbag Radio brother from another mother Deece is dropping his new album A Cornered Season, be sure to check it out.

A-Diction - Walkin' Alone

A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone

Breach & Boltz join forces as A-Diction once more for their sophomore release, following some mixtapes and an EP. The album Walkin’ Alone features beats by M-Phazes, Jase, Mules, Lewis One and Whisper and rounds out the track listing at 15 tracks.  We’ll be posting a short review of the…

Maundz - White Shirts

Maundz – White Shirts (Video)

Melbourne microphone master Maundz just dropped the film clip for the track White Shirts, off his recently released debut album Mr Nobody.  The video is directed, shot & edited by B wiv from B Wiv Deece (is there anything this guy can’t do?) If you haven’t had a chance to get a…