A Few Questions With Peter Beaty of The Optimen

The hilarity continues as we catch up with Peter Beaty from The Optimen.  Mr Beaty is the most recent addition to The Optimen and as his pseudonym suggests is responsible for working the MPC into magic beats.  Don’t forget you can catch The Optimen‘s new album or from your favourite CD store….

DJ Damage (The Optimen/Terntable Jediz)

A Few Questions With DJ Damage of The Optimen/Terntable Jediz

Today we’re catching up with DJ Damage. Damage is The Optimen’s DJ and also forms part of the turntablist crew Terntable Jediz. Remember you can catch Damage’s fine cuts on The Optimen’s new album The Out Of Money Experience, available at your local JB Hifi, on iTunes or from your local music retailer (who you should be supporting!).


Winner Announced: The Optimen CD Giveaway

We’ve got two CD’s to giveaway and that means we’ve got two winners. Congratulation to readers Accordion88 and YouDee, you’ve both won a copy of The Optimen’s new album The Out Of Money Experience. Hit me up via the contact form on the website with your address so I can…


A Few Questions With Sammsonite of The Optimen

So recently we sent the questionnaire in the direction of none other than Brisbane’s The Optimen, first up we have Sammsonite (Producer/MC).  You can currently check out tracks from The Optimen’s new album The Out of Money Experience on their MySpace page, but i have a feeling that’s all going…


The Optimen – The Out Of Money Experience

Brisbane’s The Optimen are dropping another Australia Hip Hop outfit dropping a new album, according to Red Tape Entertainment: production is NUTS! Raps is CRAZY! Full of more ill joints than Michael J Fox, marfucker! While they may not have been my exact choice of words, i’m sure this is…