Thundamentals – Smiles Don’t Lie (Video)

A new single from Thundamentals titled “Smiles Don’t Lie” off their forthcoming third album.

Rhythm & Poetry October 8th 2012 feat. Tuka (Podcast)

Podcast from Monday 10th September 2012, featuring a chat with Tuka from Thundamentals and Big Village Records. Hosted by Ruxton & Trout.


Thundamentals iTunes Live From Sydney

The Thundamentals heat up the digital distribution space being what I believe is the first Australian Hip Hop artist/group to put up an iTunes Live release (correct me in the comments if i’m wrong).  The 6 track release  for a little over $10 AUD and i assume will be an exclusive…


Thundamentals iTunes Single of The Week

This week on .  The track, The Mash is taken from their debut album on Obese Records.  Being that it’s iTunes single of the week, that makes it a free download so of what the Blue Mountains in NSW has to offer. After that, perhaps or .


Thundamentals – Move It Up

Another video from Thundamentals this week off the upcoming debut album from the Thundamentals, due out September 18th on Obese Records.


Thundamentals – Highs & Lows (Video)

The track Highs & Lows is off the Thundamentals’ self titled EP that dropped last in 2008. You can follow through to facebook to catch a high quality version of the video and also don’t forget to head to iTunes and pickup the Thundamentals’ EP.